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Depending on how snug you want your cock ring to fit, try not to go 12mm below your calculated diameter. Circumference (cm): Diameter (mm): Circumference (inch): Diameter (mm): You can now shop confidently at our online store for the right size cock ring.

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Find a comfortable amount of snugness and mark the area where the two sides of string meet with a marker. Measure the string in inches (this will be your circumference) and divide it by 3.14. That number is your diameter and is how to measure for a cock ring. Cock Ring Size Chart [circumference = cock ring size] 1.88″ = 0.60″ ring

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You may want to measure both soft and hard to double-check your size. Determine Your Size. ...

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Step 3: calculate the right size cock ring diameter. The next step will involve a bit of simple math. Take an average of the measurement you just took and divide this by 3.14159 (or Pi for those that paid attention in geometry class). This measurement will give you the desired diameter or ideal cock ring size.

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The size of a cock ring is usually measured in diameter. The size of the cock ring should ...

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A good fitting cock ring results in a longer and stronger erection, but only when there is the right amount of constriction. Stretchy or adjustable cock rings will fit most guys, however for some silicone and metal cock rings it’s best to buy a size fitted for you.

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Penis Ring Size. Size refers to the diameter of the penis ring that fits over the penis. Most manufacturers provide measurements for the inside diameter of their penis rings. It is very difficult to measure the diameter of your penis. However, it is easy to measure the circumference of your penis and then calculate the diameter.

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A cock ring, in its most basic form, is a ring typically made out of rubber, silicone, nylon, metal, or leather. When put around the base of the penis, it helps men achieve longer erections, along ...


How to Measure for a Cock Ring. Measuring for a cock ring is easy, all you need is a tape measure (the kind a tailor uses to size your pants, also the kind body builders use to measure around their biceps, or that dieters use to measure around the waist).

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Our Tungsten Carbide rings can weigh more than 11oz / 312g and, when worn casually, a 3 Finger size may work its way off your package and then down and out your pant leg. In other words, an excellent conversation starter. DISCLAIMER: Every man is unique in shape, size, and volume change of erectile tissue.